Batting Cage Training

Batting Cage Training

Did you know that even the pros consistently have batting practice before the game? Indoor batting cages and pitching machines can help baseball talent from little league to major league before, during, and after season. 

Benefits of Batting Cage Training

March is often still a cool month, but major league baseball sets the beginning of baseball season in April and it’s important to prepare. Whether your child is in little league or high school baseball and softball, practicing safely is essential. Batting cages let you have a consistent practice environment out of the cold and harsh weather, letting your little baseball superstar develop their technique and strength for legendary homers to come. Along with technique, batting cages also allow for practicing precision and targeting. Dialing in the location of the ball makes you a better athlete and improves decision-making skills, boosting coordination on the field.

Looking To The Future

Basketball players have shootarounds. Tennis players have warm-ups. But no sport’s pre-competition drills compare to the importance, history and beauty of baseball’s batting practice. For fans fortunate enough to arrive early to baseball games, batting practice is a crucial part of every professional baseball game. Coaches drill their superstars with calculated precision to ensure great performance in the upcoming game later that same day, but athletes don’t practice exclusively on game days. There are batting cages out of the fans’ eyesight where players can work on flip drills or hit against pitching machines on just about any day of the year. There are better, more varied, iterations of pitching machines afforded to professional teams, but the philosophy is still the same. Watch video to calibrate performance, practice batting or pitching, or time in the gym to give the team the most favorable victory conditions possible in a season. According to ESPN, some teams go through 35,000 baseballs during batting practices alone in a season. That’s a lot of practice!

Batting Cage

The Mental Game

While your child may be too young to focus on the mental aspects of competitive sports, a good athlete is always trying to surpass records, to research their past performances, and to improve however they can. There’s something to be said about hitting 300 balls during practice or perfecting grouping with consistent hits on a side of the batting cage you were previously sloppy in. These small differences can mean a world of change, especially when they become consistent and good habits are formed. Greater performance for young baseball and softball players can mean scholarships, free rides, and the attention of talent scouts the older they get. 

Part of the mental game of baseball also involves perfecting form to stay healthy and avoid injuries. Injuries can destroy an athlete’s career before it even begins at worst and sideline them for valuable games at best. It’s good practice to mix in some other activities when batting to get a more complete training session. Not only will this increase the intensity of the workout, but it can also bring the experience closer to simulating a full baseball training session while keeping your athlete’s mind focused and fresh. 

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