The Benefits Of Signing Your Children Up For Sports!

The Benefits Of Signing Your Children Up For Sports!

Have you considered signing your child up for sports? Among the endless positives of registering your child to a team, some of the most prominent benefits include healthy habits, collaborative working, and the development of an excellent work ethic. At Titanium Athletics, all  children (beginners or experienced athletes) are welcome to learn and practice their interests!

Sports Benefits

Enrolling your child in a sport creates a foundation of healthy habits. Practicing alongside a team or even with a parent a few times a week can aid in instilling a positive routine for your child. Children who actively partake in sports tend to be in great physical health. They have a lower percentage of body fat, enhanced cardiovascular fitness, and stronger bones and muscles. Creating a ritual of physical activity builds the necessary foundation for a healthy lifestyle which could last a lifetime!

Introducing your child to team sports at a young age is important in growing their social skills. This is oftentimes one of the first introductions of partnership and teamwork in a young child’s life. In sports, athletes are put into a position where they are forced to rely on one another in order to achieve their goals. A great sense of teamwork results in successfully overcoming challenges and winning. The desire to win a game is a constant motivator for players of all ages. When you are good at something, you tend to find yourself in a community of likewise individuals. Getting put onto a team at any age encourages positive social behavior and creates a sense of belonging. Placing your child on a fair team allows for them to work together to achieve their common goal. As a parent standing on the sidelines, you are giving your child independence on the field and encouraging them to make the best decision for the team.

A strong work ethic in sports oftentimes translates into the classroom setting. A study from the Women’s Sports Foundation found that a large percentage of student athletes averaged an “A” in school. This sort of grand achievement commonly results in students receiving a college scholarship and the opportunity to play for a more distinguished team. Support from coaches and families throughout their career as an athlete is an important motivator in these student’s lives. It is also noted by Cornell behavioral science professor Kevin Kniffin that kids who played their preferred sport into high school tend to make successful employees in their future careers.

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Titanium Athletics has several options for enhancing the sports training experience of your child. We are here to assist you and your child in practicing their preferred activity! Our gym offers open play and private lessons with experienced coaches. Check out our website for more details on the daily happenings here at Titanium Athletics, and come train with us!