The Benefits of ‘Fun’ Exercise

The Benefits of ‘Fun’ Exercise

Most people don’t like going to the gym and treadmills have received their ‘dread’mill nickname for a reason, so what can you do if you’re not the average iron-pumping gym rat? Try finding fun ways to exercise instead!

Fun Exercising

A lot of people say they hate working out because they haven’t found a routine that matches them. Look inwards for your likes and dislikes. Do you like fast-paced workouts? Social workouts? Outdoors? Not everyone exercises the same.


Sports: From tennis, soccer, and baseball to high-intensity horse riding (as opposed to leisure), kayaking, and archery, sports are a great way to get moving. You have to start somewhere but remember you’re not a pro – you won’t be olympics ready by your first class or first time playing the sport. Take your time and enjoy the exercise for the sake of fun!

Nature: Never underestimate the benefit of a walk. Hiking is one of the best ways to exercise, with the length of the path, duration, pace, and location completely up to you. Hiking can be done alone or with a friend and is a great opportunity to get some much needed fresh air and sun!

Specialty gyms and interests: Not every gym is full of barbells and machines – some of them offer many option for exercising. An hour of intensive dancing classes like latin dance, Zumba, or ballroom are a great way to burn calories. There are also specialty gyms for rock climbing and with obstacle courses that can be intense, but a great way to shake things up. At Titanium Athletics we do just that. In our 14,000 square foot gym we offer cheer and gymnastics, spring floors, baseball and softball batting cages, and even a ninja room with obstacles similar to those in the popular television show.

outdoor exercise hiking
Ninja classes with ring ropes


Exercising is obviously good for your body. As humans we were made to move, but what are the full benefits? Other than the obvious benefits to your external physical health, exercising also increases your muscular and cardiovascular health helping prevent stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other physical ailments that come with age and poor habits.

Mentally, exercising helps improve your mood and self esteem through endorphin circulation, reduces stress, prevents mental degradation that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, lowers anxiety, boosts brainpower and memory, grows creativity, and can even help with managing addiction. Just a 20 minute job or 30 minute session of exercise sharpening your motor skills can help you live a healthier life with sound mind and sound body!