Our 2023 Fitness Recap

Our 2023 Fitness Recap

2022 was another year full of new fun fitness trends and success stories. As we look forward to 2023, we recap the past year while gearing up for the new year ahead.

2022 Recap

This year we learned about how fun fitness can make a workout more effective and help create good habits. Movement is medicine and with today’s increasingly sedentary population, it’s important to find new, interesting ways to get moving. From tumbling, cheer, and gymnastics to batting cages and rock climbing, any exercise is better than no exercising. Exercising improves brain performance and increases production of cells responsible for learning and memory, making the benefits of moving more than physical. From scorching heat to snowstorms, Titanium Athletics was proud to provide year-round fitness fun to our customers in 2022 and we’re excited to continue doing even better in 2023!


2023 Trends

Working out can be fun, right? Thankfully, some of the best fitness trends of 2023 involve fun fitness. Casual sports like pickle ball are growing in popularity and proving to be great ways of fun fitness. Primal movement trends that focus on improving body mechanics for everyday ease of movement, better range of motion, and pain prevention are also on the rise in online searches. From flexibility movements for spine and knees that preface many tumbling and gymnastics stretches to posture improvement, folks are eager to get moving and prevent chronic aches and pains from the hostile takeover of sedentary work lifestyles. 

As part of fun fitness, another aspect of 2023 fitness trends also includes working out for your mental health. Rather than focusing on one area of health or wellness, holistic fitness considers all aspects of a person’s wellbeing, including their physical and mental state. Even serious athletes are realizing that fitness is a lifelong pursuit and needs to be one part of an overall healthy lifestyle. This includes prioritizing resting and anti-anxiety workouts like yoga and active stretching. People are also more likely to stick with a fitness program if they have social support and connections. From kids in a ninja class to adults in your standard gym fitness offerings, groups are in and solo in-your-own-head workouts are out!

Thank you to all of our clients who supported us through 2022. From the Titanium Athletics team, we’re fortunate for your business and excited for what the new year will bring for us. From teaching our customers how to enjoy fitness again to helping our community reconnect with fun healthy ways to get moving, we’ll be there every step of the way.