Fitness Trends of 2022

Fitness Trends of 2022

Through multiple lockdowns, quarantine, and hard times, people are eager to get out, get moving, and find a new exercise routine that fits them. The fitness mindset craves flexibility, and with new innovation in fitness trends explored during the pandemic, 2022 is shaping up to be an interesting year!

Movement = Medicine

In a world where people actually got bored of doing nothing and lounging, fitness has become more than just a tool for getting skinny or making your muscles bigger. There’s been a much needed revolution that says fitness is for everyone and that moving your body is important for living a healthier life – independent of what you look like or what beauty norms are. With the many benefits of actively moving, even for a short time every day, ranging from blood pressure and cholesterol control to mental and bone health, many people can’t afford not to exercise!

Fun Fitness Trends

Group fitness and unconventional fitness are easy ways to make a dreary workout seem fun, rewiring perceptions that workouts are repetitive and dull. While high intensity workouts and yoga are always popular, there are new fitness trends growing in popularity such as trapeze, roller skating, trampoline, and obstacle courses similar to the hit NBC show Ninja Warrior.

It can be difficult to understand if any workout trend is temporary, but what does it matter as long as you’re having fun and achieving your fitness goals in the process?

rock climbing fitness trends

If you’re not able to make it out to a gym, there are other ways to make exercise fun – practicing fitness as gaming. More fitness brands are promoting workouts as a game instead of straight exercise, changing the mentality of what it means to workout from its source. This can include games that promote walking, exercise leaderboards to compete against your friends and family through fitness trackers, and other apps that are being developed in 2022.

Versatile Gyms

As we return to normalcy, new fitness buffs will be looking to see how the fitness industry has changed. While at home, there were few limits to how creative any one person can be with their workouts. Many have taken up pole dancing, body weight exercises, tai chi, and other less common forms of fitness. A gym does not have to look like every other – with weight machines and cardio machines in uniform rows. A gym can involve fun activities like cheerleading and tumbling classes, trampolines, baseball batting cages, obstacles, rock climbing walls, martial arts and more. All of these activities and more can be found at Titanium Athletics, where we believe that a gym shouldn’t look like every other fitness center and that fitness should be fun, engaging, and different.