Stay Active and Healthy in 2021!

Stay Active and Healthy in 2021!

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Titanium Athletics is one of the unique workout locations on the eastern seaboard. We train children and adults interested in becoming more athletic and skilled through a fun and exciting gauntlet of activities. A great place to exercise or host a birthday celebration, Titanium Athletics is the location for any active family or anyone who is just now choosing to follow a more active lifestyle. Read on to learn a bit about our amazing services!

Batting Cages – Premium cages for both baseball and softball. The perfect workout for youngsters trying to hone their swing or adults aiming to blow off some steam. Pitches can range from 45 to 75 miles per hour!

Tumbling – Our tumbling classes will teach you how to flip, spin, and spring-like a professional gymnast. This invaluable skill is something we believe can increase the physical abilities and fitness of the future generation. Staying active and off the couch will be no problem when you realize how fun tumbling class is!

Ninja Warrior – Need I say more? Who doesn’t want to be a ninja? The skills required to become a ninja warrior are constantly honed here at Titanium Athletics, and we aim to create champions. For those who are not faint of heart, the ninja warrior class may just be what you are looking for!

line of batting cages with nettings set up
Fun and good for you are usually 2 adjectives that don’t go together. Too often do we see things that taste good or are fun, which yield almost no benefits to the person partaking. This is not the case at titanium athletics, we promise to get you in shape and keep the promise of having a blast the entire time! We hope you found this blog helpful! Feel free to check out our website or call us for more details!