Back To School, Back To Fitness

Back To School, Back To Fitness

From homeschool to public school and beyond, it’s almost time to get back to learning – why not brush up on fitness too?

Back to School

Around the nation, most schools are either beginning classes in early September or have been back to school since the end of August. Despite Labor Day giving time for a brief introductory period to children in K-12 before another small break, everyone is excited to see old friends, meet new ones, and join new clubs or sport teams. If your child hasn’t been active during the summer, are they equipped with the best tools to succeed in their new or existing hobby of their choosing?

Learn Something New - Sports Prep

From early development and kindergarten age to high school, being active in and out of school is a key to success in the future. Children form hobbies and passions early in their lives and fostering those interests helps them live rich lives and learn key skills – especially in team sports. That is why Titanium Athletics helps foster these athletic passions offering sports prep classes in tumbling, cheer, baller, ninja martial arts classes, and more. Our gym is equipped with a rock climbing wall and batting cages to guarantee year-long training without the worry of weather or time constraints.

Back To School fitness classes

Homeschool PE

You aren’t required to have a formal P.E. class for homeschool students, however putting effort into planning a PE class curriculum helps ensure your kids are active. Even if they’re naturally very active in sports and activity clubs outside of your homeschool classroom, hikes with the family, and park playtime, it’s ideal to have a proper program in place. If your students are not naturally physically active it may be a good idea to be more intentional about homeschool P.E. class. This will give you an opportunity to help them develop motor skills that they likely wouldn’t develop on their own and teach them about health, fitness, and teamwork.

While many homeschool parents think they’re on their own, there are some facilities who cater especially for homeschool children’s back to school needs – giving them the added benefit of a social setting. A good homeschool physical education class for young children should include physical activity for motor skills development such as: climbing, running, catching, throwing, and jumping.  Titanium Athletics is fully equipped with designated homeschool PE classes in our extensive gym approved to fulfill any school district requirements for physical education programs!